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Our dealership does not offer financing. We specialize in cash deals! However, we will work with your lender, credit union or bank. You can use your loan to purchase a vehicle through us, this way you keep the low cash price. Contact us for more information on this process. 

While we do not offer financing we will carry small balances on a case by case basis. If you like a vehicle that is just outside your budget let us know! Many times we are able to work out a deal with customers who are short a few hundred dollars. 

We accept cash, debit, credit or cashiers checks for partial or full amounts. Please make cashier checks payable to King Auto Sales LLC. All major cards accepted with no added fees. 

We do not take trades. Our inventory consist of bank repos and off-lease vehicles. 

The price you see is the price you pay! Sales tax and dealer fees are built into the advertised price. The only added cost is your registration which can vary depending on your needs. We can help get you specialty plates, commercial, tax exempt or any other type of registration. Let us know and we can provide an estimate for you. 

You will be provided a 45 day temporary registration at the time of purchase. We will then register the vehicle and provide you with a plastic plate. MVD mails title and metal plates directly to your home. Please update your mailing address with MVD to avoid delays. 

Cash deals are simple! All you need is an identification, this could be a license, ID, or passport.